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Brief Introduction

BeeTox is a web server mainly for predict bee toxicity by use the methode of Graph Convolutional Neural NetWork. Our server can predict classifying chemical to poisonous versus non-poisonous category for honey bee.

Browser Recommendation

We tested our database using different browsers on different systems (IE10 or later on Windows, Firefox on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, Google Chrome on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, Apple Safari on Windows and Mac os) to assure the normal display. The testing results showed good compatibility.

Free Support

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions on how we could make PADFrag more intuitive, powerful, or useful. please send us an email.

Prediction bee toxicity

Submit data to predict bee toxicity

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Fig 1. Submit data to predict bee toxicity

Browse the result of prediction

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Fig 2. Browse the result of prediction

Browse bee toxicity data

Browse bee toxicity data

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Fig 3. Browse bee toxicity data