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Step 2: Search the related entries by keywords, such as Protein (protein name), Nucleic acid (nucleic acid name), Method (experimental methods for the measurement of binding thermodynamic data), T (experimental condition, temperature), pH (experimental condition, pH), PMID (reference in PubMed). Click on the "ID" column in the table to browse detail information about the entry.

Entry data

(1) This panel shows the basic information about the protein, including protein name and synonyms, gene name, source organism, taxonomic, function description, amino acid sequence, and the mutation of amino acid.
(2) This panel shows the basic information about the nucleic acid, including its name, source, nucleic acid type, and nucleotide sequence.
(3) This panel shows the thermodynamic data, including the experimental conditions (such as experimental method, temperature, and pH) and the thermodynamic parameters (such as the equilibrium constant, the association and disassociation constant, the free energy and enthalpy of protein-nucleic acid interaction).
(4) External database links about the protein.
(5) The source reference of the thermodynamic data.
(6) This shows the available structure of protein-nucleic acid complex, and the interactions between protein and nucleic acid.
(7) The shows the binding preferences of each residue for DNA or RNA binding, which were calculated by the ProNA program.
(8) The shows the probability of protein binding, the expected number of proteins bound, and the probability for each nucleotide being bound by a protein, as calculated by the RBPBind program.